25 Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen On A Budget

    Renovating your home is usually expensive but don’t worry – we’ve prepared some cool ideas to refresh your space on a budget, and today we’ll take a look at kitchens.

New Hardware

    Switching hardware may seem a very small change but it will have a big impact and you will definitely see a big difference. Metallic shades are timeless, though you may also try black hardware, which is sure to add some drama and give your kitchen a fresher and more contemporary look.

Painting Cabinets

    If you don’t feel like changing cabinets for any reason (too expensive or you just like them), give them a brand-new look – repaint them or change the doors. Repainting won’t take much time and you’ll get a fresh new kitchen, this idea is very budget-friendly.

Replacing Countertops

    Consider making a simple countertop change for a beautiful contrast between the existing cabinets and new tops. Choose something really different, otherwise you won’t feel the difference. Apply both changing the countertops and painting cabinets if you want – it’s anyway cheaper than changing the cabinets completely.

Refresh Your Backsplash

    Changing your backsplash won’t break the bank, and there are many trends to try. Tiles come in numerous colors, patterns and even texture which makes them an excellent additional color appeal to the room. You may also try brick, concrete and many other backsplashes, take a look the edgiest ideas we’ve prepared and get inspired!

by Olivia

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