25 IKEA Hacks That Your Cat Will Love

    We all love IKEA, and there appear more and more incredible hacks every day! Today I’d like to share some IKEA furniture hacks that are made for cats – you may steal them or add something from yourself and create a totally new piece for just some bucks.

Kitty Loos

    IKEA units are ideal to hide a kitty loo with style – IKEA Hol, Stuva, Besta can be used for this purpose. Cut out an entrance for the cat: it can be shaped regularly or be whimsy, for example, in a cat head shape. Give the unit a look that you like: paint or spray paint it, add various touches that you like. The top may be used for a cat bed, a plant stand, or a sitting surface.

Cat Trees And Ladders

    Cat trees, ladders and walks can be easily attached to the walls or built of IKEA items. IKEA ledges and shelves like Lack can be used to make cat’s ladders and walks on the walls. You may combine them with crates or various basket beds. A cat tree can be built of a couple IKEA Lack tables – add scratchers and beds to the piece.

Cat Beds

    A cat bed can be made of lots of units – baskets, storage units, shelves and other stuff. You may add scratchers on the sides, add soft cushions inside and on top and even create bunk cat beds – of an IKEA tray table. Get inspired!

by Olivia

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