25 Swoon-Worthy Glam Bedrooms

    I’m a girl and I can’t say that I’m a sucker for all things pink, fluffy and super cute but when I see these bedrooms, I just wanna say ‘Please, leave me there!’. These amazing rooms are filled with glam in a good sense, they are stylish and gorgeous, and I bet no girl would refuse having such a space. Feel a celebrity in such a space, let’s get started!


    Pink and all its shades are the most popular shades for any glam bedroom. But it doesn’t mean it’s the only option, some glam bedrooms are not only girlish ones, so you may always go for lavender, purple, grey, cream, champagne and various pastels, mix them in stylish ways or choose just one shade to use. Decide on the amount of color you use, sometimes just several pink items are enough.


    Shiny mirrors look cool and glam, so they will add a glam feel to your bedroom. These can be wall mirrors, a headboard mirror wall, a mirror sideboard or mirrors above the nightstands. Rock gorgeous vintage refined ones or choose modern ones according to your bedroom style.

Faux Fur

    Faux fur items add chic to any space, so you can opt for several gorgeous items for a glam feel. Number one idea is a faux fur bedspread and pillows, they won’t cost much and will make your bed very welcoming. You can also go for a faux fur ottoman or a stool in your makeup up zone, choose pink faux fur for a more girlish feel.

Couches And Ottomans

    A posh couch at the footboard of your bed will make your bedroom stand out and will add chic to the space. It may be pink, white, creamy, lavender, purple or any other, and opt for a refined vintage one or a modern diamond upholstery piece for a glam feel. Go glam, girls!

by Olivia

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