25 Timeless Brick Kitchen Backsplashes

    A kitchen backsplash is an important part because it should be durable, easily maintainable and perfectly fitting your kitchen decor. It can highlight the decor or contrast with it adding a textural touch and making your kitchen interesting, and I have a perfect option for you: it’s a brick backsplash. If you think it’s hard to clean, it’s not – just add a proper cover or re-paint when it looks too bad. Here are some ideas you may like.

Whitewashed Brick Backsplash

    Brick is often whitewashed to make it look softer, and you can do that if you don’t want too much eye-catchiness or bold shades of real brick. This idea can also work if your exposed brick is a bit too old and maybe doesn’t look that good – after whitewashing it will! Neutral kitchens will get an additional texture with a whitewashed brick backsplash, and colorful or dark colored ones will look contrasting and will stand out.

Colored Brick Backsplash

    The original red brick looks like no other! it’s perfect to accentuating any space, from minimalist to industrial, and looks timeless. It is especially cool in sleek modern kitchens, to which it gives a textural and contrasting look. You can also find other shades of brick or even paint it yourself, for example, with emerald paint, to achieve the look you want. An additional lacquer finish will make cleaning it easier.

by Chloe

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