25 Trendy Minimalist Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

    Minimalist decor is super trendy and popular for today and it can be used not only in usual home decor but also realized for holidays. How to decorate a Christmas tree in a minimalist way? Here are some beautiful ideas.

No Ornaments

    Go really minimalist with no ornaments at all! You may just place your tree in a basket or bucket and voila – a Christmas tree is ready! You may also decorate your tree with lights or LEDs, or place some faux fur into the basket to add more texture.


If you still want some ornaments, you may go for white, metallic, black and neutral ornaments – don’t be excessive, just add some. Incorporate lights into decor or try matching buntings but keep it minimalist. Top the tree with a star or another topper and enjoy!

by Olivia

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