25 Tropical Leaf Home Decor Ideas

    Tropical leaf print is one of the most timeless ideas that has often been used before and is still on now – it’s classics for creating a tropical feel or a summer ambience anywhere. As it’s the middle of summer, it’s necessary to add some tropical cheer to the space. How to incorporate this print into your home decor with style? Here are some ideas.


    Tropical leaf print wallpaper is a great idea to rock this print with style, besides, using bright wallpaper is a hot home decor trend. The leaves can be all different or all the same, the wallpaper can be moody – done in dark shades, or bright – done with a white backdrop. Such wallpaper is better to use on just one wall for a statement as it’s very bold, or to cover a small space like a powder room for a bright touch.


    You may find some catchy tropical leaf printed furniture – sideboards, nightstands, dressers, chairs, benches and much more. You may DIY some furniture, too, for example, make a bright chair reupholstering it with tropical leaf print fabric.
Or repaint an old dresser and attach tropical leaf paper to each drawer.

Textiles And Art

    Textiles are the easiest idea to refresh your interior without wasting money: just buy some tropical leaf print pillows, curtains, rugs, bedspreads and other items and put them wherever you want. Print out some large

by Olivia

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