25 Wooden Headboards That Catch An Eye

A headboard is a cool piece that adds to the style of your bedroom, can make a statement, give you storage space or additional light. If you don’t have a headboard but want one, you can make it of various materials and in various styles to fit the space – today we’ll show you some cool wooden headboards to add a cozy feel and a textural look to the bedroom.

Patterned Wood Headboards

If you want to add a pattern to your bedroom, rock a unique headboard clad with some pattern – usually it’s chevron. It can be a stained or a painted wooden headboard – whatever fits your bedroom style. Make a hexagon wooden headboard for a modern bedroom – touches of geometry are very trendy and edgy right now. One more idea suitable for boho or Moroccan bedrooms is a beautiful ornate wooden screen headboard, which can be stained or painted in any color.

Reclaimed/Weathered Wood Headboards

A reclaimed or weathered wooden headboard is a popular way to add a texture to the bedroom. It can be stained in any shade you like, and a great idea is to extend your headboard to the ceiling to make an impression. Use a pallet to make a cool industrial meets rustic headboard with storage space.

Other Wooden Headboards

If the above stated ideas don’t fit your bedroom, think of a sleek wooden headboard in some rich stain, a living edge wooden headboard for a natural feel, an elegant wooden carved headboard, a bamboo plank headboard for a boho space or just look for more ideas below! Need some DIY wooden headboard ideas? Head over here!

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