26 Branch Lamps And Lights For A Natural Touch

Eco-friendly and natural décor is what can bring a touch of nature inside, and this is especially actual for a big city home. There’s a cool way to make your space more natural-looking without spending much effort or money – incorporate a branch lamp into décor. Need some examples? Here they are!

Wall And Pendant Lamps

Pendant and ceiling lamps made of branches look very eye-catching! It can be a relaxed pendant lighting with a branch and some bulbs hanging on colorful cord – it will fit a relaxed, Scandinavian, contemporary and some other spaces, too. It can be a statement chandelier with curved oak branches and bulbs hanging on the ends – it will seem as if they are growing on the branches! Hang a cluster of weathered branches with lights integrated and this cluster will make a bold statement. Wall lamps are also welcome: attach branches to the wall and add a lampshade, and a cool natural piece is ready!

Floor Lamps

Branch lamps are often floor lamps: there’s a study base, a long branch or branches and a lampshade or several lampshades on top or hanging down from the branches. You may also prefer a more industrial and stripped-down piece with not a lampshade but a bulb. There are also options of tree branches or even tree trunks with lights inside that give unobtrusive light.

Table Lamps

There’s a plenty of table lamps that include branches – they can be all-natural – just some driftwood and a bulb or more elegant – a base, branches and a lampshade, and the branches may grow through the lampshade for a catchy look or ore industrial – a concrete base, some branches and a bulb. Choose what fits your own space!

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