26 Narrow Pools You’ll Never Want To Leave

    It often happens so that we have not a very large outdoor area that just can’t accommodate a large pool. There’s a way out – go for a small or plunge swimming pool, and if your spot is long and narrow, you’ll have to choose a swimming pool accordingly. Today I’m going to share some narrow swimming pools that can be built in tight outdoor places and I hope you’ll get inspired.

Short Narrow Pools

    If your spot is very tight, go for a short narrow pool, it’s suitable for many spaces, even for a small plot in between the house and the outer wall. Make a small deck or no deck at all and place a short and narrow pool, it can be raised or sunken. Clad it with the material that fits your outdoor style: stone for a natural touch, Moroccan tiles for a boho space, neutral tiles for a modern look.

Long Narrow Pools

    If the space allows, go for a long narrow pool that will give you more space for swimming. Make some waterfalls to create a more relaxing zone, add greenery to line up the pool to feel like in the woods. A raised pool allows sitting on its edge, so you won’t need an additional deck. Get inspired and stay refreshed!

by Olivia

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