26 Parisian Bathrooms That Inspire

Parisian style is something special: it’s a combo of effortless sophistication, eclectic beauty and timeless elegance that will never go out of style. If you want to pull off this style in your home, there are some easy tricks and ideas to use. We’ve already shared some Parisian bedrooms that inspire and today we’ll take a look at bathrooms.


Parisian style is about black and white, neutrals or sometimes pastels. You can also see some elegant moody spaces but most of all – contrasting black and white spaces. Ocher, rust and pastels will add a slight touch of color to the space but still refresh them with whites and off-white or add black for a contrast.


Parisian bathrooms are about chic everywhere. If you want to make a statement, a gorgeous clawfoot bathtub is your choice. You may also try a contemporary bathtub of an oval or some other shape if you prefer more modern looks. Furniture is a must for every bathroom including a Parisian one. Choose a refined vintage vanity or console table, a stylish side table and maybe even some chairs or makeup tables – Parisian means sophistication, your bathroom shouldn’t be only a bathing space.


Don’t forget elegant décor – this is a must even in a bathroom if you take Parisian style. Artworks, sculptures, non-working (or even working!) fireplaces, chic statement mirrors that can come in ornate or just elegant gilded frames are right what you need. A beautiful and sophisticated chandelier is a very good idea to add a refined touch to the space at once.

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