26 Stylish Ways To Store Firewood Indoors

    Whether you have a wood burning stove or just want to cozy up your space for fall and winter, you may do that easily storing firewood indoors. It will be a cool decorative element in any home, from rustic to minimalist and there are many chic ways to store and display this wood. Let’s take a look!

Built-In Firewood Storage

    The most popular idea currently is built-in firewood storage because it saves your space and gives it a more modern feel. You may build in firewood storage anywhere you want: between the fireplace and the wall, under and next to the fireplace and just in the walls, everything here depends on the amount of space you have and the look you want to achieve.


    Furniture with firewood storage is a creative idea and it’s much easier to add than any build-ins. These may be various cabinets, consoles and open storage units, you may even DIY them if you want.

Holders And Stands

    There are special holders and stands for firewood, which will add a stylish touch to your space. You may choose a wall-mounted holder to save some space, or a metal box holder placed next to your fireplace or even a basket or a bucket.

by Olivia

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