26 Trendy Penny Tile Ideas For Bathrooms

    Penny tiles are making a huge comeback, they are a chic and timeless idea for any space – a bathroom or a kitchen or wherever else you need tiles. They add texture and eye-catchiness to any space and can easily fit any decor style, from rustic to minimalist. Let’s have a look at the coolest examples.


    Cover the floors in your bathroom with penny tiles for a more eye-catching look. They are sure to bring a texture to the space and if you want them to stand out, use some contrasting grout. If you want, you can go up the walls with them, too, and cover the rest of the walls with something contrasting.

Sink Zone

    Accentuate your sink zone with some cool penny tiles! It will definitely stand out, and if you use some bold grout, it will catch an eye even more.

Shower Zone

    The most popular idea is accentuating the shower and bathtub zone with penny tiles. Cover the whole shower with penny tiles completely, you can make up some patterns like stripes with them yourself. Make a contrasting floor and walls in the shower covering them with different penny tiles. Look at the ideas below to get inspired!

by Chloe

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