27 Adorable Fishscale Tiles Ideas For Your Home

    There are many types and shapes of tiles to choose from but I promise you that no tiles would look as eye-catching and gorgeous as fishscale tiles. Today I’m sharing cool ideas of fishscale tiles for various bathrooms and kitchens.

Bathroom Fishscale Tiles

    Fishscale tiles are amazing for any kind of bathroom, from modern to tropical-inspired. You can go for a fishscale tile floor in a neutral bathroom, so you’ll make a cool accent. Another idea is to accentuate the sink zone covering the wall with fishscale tiles in some color that you like. Make your shower stand out cladding the walls with adorable turquoise fishscale tiles, feel like Ariel! To feel under the sea, you can clad all the walls with fishscale tiles in blue, looks wow!

Kitchen Fishscale Tiles

    Fishscale tiles in kitchens may be used for creating adorable backsplashes, for example, a marble fishscale backsplash will spruce up a simple neutral kitchen. Add color to the monochromatic space with green fishscale tiles, hint on the seaside with blue and aqua fishscale tiles. White fishscale tiles will add texture and interest to the space. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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