27 Contrasting Kitchen Islands

    A kitchen island is an indispensable part of modern kitchens, it’s where you cook, wash, peel and even serve. But it’s not only a functional piece, it can be also part of decor and a significant one. One of the latest trends is a contrasting rel=”noopener noreferrer”>kitchen island that stands out with its color, with a countertop or even with style being absolutely different. Here are some ideas and examples you may like.

Matching Yet Contrasting

    The most popular idea is choosing a kitchen island that somehow matches the cabinets, and usually it’s the same look but a different color, for example, a white kitchen with a blue island. You may also go for the same countertops to give the kitchen a more unified look. Your kitchen island countertop can also match the kitchen backsplash and contrast the cabinets.

All Different

    To add a bit of edge to your kitchen, you may go for a fully contrasting kitchen island with a different look, style, design and color. A minimalist kitchen with a rustic vintage kitchen island, a glam kitchen with an industrial kitchen island or a modern kitchen with a rustic island of wood – mix and match to make a statement!

by Chloe

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