27 Coolest Radiator Covers To Try

    It’s getting colder and it will be time to turn on radiators soon. If yours isn’t that cool-looking and chic, you can hide it not to spoil the interior. There are different ways to conceal an ugly radiator in your home, and I’d like to share some cool ones with you.


    A simple metal or wooden screen is a great and easy way to hide your radiator, and you can easily make it yourself. A metal screen guarantees safety, while a wooden screen is easier to make yourself and fits many interiors. Such a screen can be added to the radiator itself or to windowsill or seating or anything else you want.


    A more functional idea is to cover the ugly radiator with a cabinet or a console. It means that you can use the top for storage – make a home bar or place your keys or anything else you want there. It can be a large cabinet including a big windowsill seat and a radiator inside, or a narrow console in your hallway to hide the piece, a small cabinet hiding the radiator and working as a toy shelf at the same time. The possibilities are endless, choose yours!

by Olivia

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