27 Modern Subway Tiles Ideas For Bathrooms

    Subway tile was originally designed to be placed in subways, and it was used for the very first station of New York’s then brand-new subway in 1904. Such glazed tile didn’t stain and was easy to clean; the white tile had the additional advantage of reflecting light, brightening the subterranean stations. Later subway tile appeared in public and private spaces, and today this is America’s most beloved tile and it’s making a huge comeback now.

    As subway tile is on top right now, we are hurrying up to share the coolest ideas with you. Today’s roundup is dedicated to this amazing tile and ways to use it in bathrooms to make them chic and eye-catchy. Let’s enjoy and get inspired!

Subway Tiles In The Shower/ Bathtub Space

    Highlight your shower or bathtub space with subway tiles of the color you like, white is traditional but you can also rock different shades like black, grey, sea foam and so on. To make your tiles stand out, you can use contrasting grout – white for black, black for white, etc. If there’s a bathtub, surround it with subway tiles, and your two bathing spaces will be accentuated.

Subway Tiles In The Sink Zone

    Accentuate your sink zone with subway tiles of some different color than all the tiles around or go for half painted walls and half tiles – looks super chic! White tiles with black grout will look eye-catchy, black ones are great for retro and industrial bathrooms, colorful ones with white grout will be a nice decision for any modern space.

Subway Tiles All Over

    White subway tiles are amazing for using all over the bathroom, rock them with black grout for a bold look, and with white grout for a seamless look. Black ones will give your space a moody look, and if you want something relaxing, try shades of green and blue – calm ones. Use contrasting mosaic tiles on the floor, or go for hexagon or penny ones to highlight your subway ones even more.

by Olivia

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