27 Ways To Rock An Oversized Mirror In Your Interior

    Mirrors have a plenty of advantages: they are chic, glam, reflect light and make the space look bigger, with all these cool features you just need one or more of these for your home! One of the hottest modern trends in decor is oversized mirrors, which make a bold statement and catch everybody’s eye making your interior refined, chic and light-filled. Let’s have a look at some of the coolest examples.


    A mirror is a traditional piece for any entryway, and rocking an oversized one is a cool idea. It can be rectangular, round, square or any other, and its frame should fit the entryway decor – a vintage frame will add a cool glam feel, and no frame is great for modern spaces.


    A bathroom is another space, which is seldom without a mirror, and an oversized one is an amazing idea. A bathroom is often small, and mirrors double the spaces plus reflect the light. You can place a mirror not only in the traditional sink zone, you can accentuate the bathtub space with it – such a refined idea!

Living Rooms And Dining Rooms

    A living or dining room will be more sophisticated if you add a large mirror. It can be hung on the wall next to the dining space or somewhere in your living room – hang it opposite the window to make it reflect more light and fill your room with it.


    Bedrooms and closets will look amazing with ornate mirrors. Hang it opposite you bed, or as a headboard or somewhere else and you may use it for dressing up. Mirrors have a lot of great features, get inspired!

by Chloe

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