28 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen For Winter Holidays

    Winter is coming closer and closer, and our favorite winter holidays aren’t that far. It’s time to think how to spruce your home for the coming season and holidays to make it cozier and comfier. Let’s see how to add a winter feel to your kitchen to make it the heart of your home.

Window Decor

    Hang some garlands over the window or right on it: these can be lights, ornaments, gingerbread cookies and whatever else you like. You can also hang some cute wreaths right on the window, or boxwood or fir branches and with plaid or red ribbons.

Chair Decor

    Decorate the chairs or stools you have in the kitchen with some cute touches: small wreaths, garlands, pinecones and plaid ribbons. It’s very cute and chic, and such small touches help to create a cozy ambience.

Hot Chocolate And Cocoa Bars

    Nothing brings a cute holiday feel more than a hot chocolate or cocoa bar in the kitchen. Organize it the way you like: with a wooden cupcake stand or a silver tray, copper or silver mugs, various yummies in glass jars and bowls with cookies. Add lights, pinecones, ornaments, small trees and chalkboard signs – everything that makes you feel holiday-like.

Other Ideas

    Some other ideas may include small wreaths with ribbons hanging on the cabinets, pinecones on jugs and jars, pinecones and ornaments in the bowls and cups that are standing in your cupboards. Bring that festive feel to your space and get inspired!

by Olivia

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