28 Mismatched Upholstery Furniture Ideas

    If you want to renovate your furniture considering the hottest trends, take a look at velvet, leather and mixed upholstery. The latter is a cool idea for many interiors, from eclectic to mid-century modern ones and it’s a great way to go if you are a DIYer – it’s not a difficult craft at all. You may easily renovate the furniture you have giving it a new life with just a new upholstered back or seat. Take a look at some ideas we’ve prepared!


    Chairs are the most popular type of furniture to renovate – it’s pretty easy to give a new life to one. you may take an existing piece and mix up the upholstery as you see it: matching prints and colors as you like. You may color block, take one part in a solid color, and the other in some prints, or boldly go for all the prints around. You may change the back and keep the front and even separate the back and seat with different fabric. Turn on your imagination and create!


    Sofas and loveseats are a bit more difficult to change, though the idea is basically the same. Reupholster the back or the seat, add catchy armrests and highlight them with matching pillows – it’s totally up to you and your decor style.

by Olivia

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