29 Gorgeous Floor Transition Ideas For Your Home

    Choosing floor cover is important because it should be comfy, durable, easily maintainable and cool-looking – all that in one! Of course, each space requires a different floor cover and transitions between floors may be puzzling. There are several ways to create a transition between different floors, the best two are a stylish border between them and the hottest trend – irregular transitioning. Let’s have a look at both.

Irregular Transition

    The coolest and hottest floor trend today is mixing different covers in an irregular way. The most popular idea is highlighting a public zone, which is very walkable and using other type of floor around. Rock hexagon tiles of a different color or with some pattern in the dining zone, in the bathtub zone or in the entryway – these are the most walkable spaces. All the rest can be covered with cozy wooden floor, which last longer if you don’t use them around the bathtub or in the cooking zone. Other ideas are large square tiles and concrete floors mixed with wood, they also look very eye-catching. Such an irregular transition looks very bold and makes a statement in any space.

Transitions With Borders

    This is a timeless idea, which is used by many people and will never go out of style. All you need is to add a small doorstep or just a line between the different floor covers you have to make it look more harmonious. If it’s a transition between wooden floors and tiles, you can go for just a wooden plank in between, or for beautiful mosaic tiles to make the border eye-catching.

by Olivia

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