29 Trendy Hexagon Tile Ideas For Bathrooms

    Geometric decor is very trendy now, and more and more designers bring geo prints and items to interiors. If you want to add some edgy ideas to your home and don’t know what, I have a gorgeous idea: go for hexagon tiles! Hexagon shape is the most eye-catchy one from all the geo shapes, and you will get very cool decor. To convince you, I have a bunch of ideas to use hex tiles in bathrooms, let’s have a look at them.


    Hexagon tiles in any color will make your bathroom walls stand out for sure, especially if you use some contrasting grout. Neutral and marbleized tiles will create a peaceful ambience, and dark ones are great for moody spaces. Don’t be afraid of different ones and prints on the tiles or of cladding mosaics with them – personalize your bathroom achieving a perfect look.


    Make your bathroom floor stand out with cool hexagon tiles: large scale or small ones. You can go for black or navy hex tiles with white grout to make the floor bold and rock white tiles on the walls. Marbleized and neutral tiles will help to create a neutral space, and of course any kinds of mosaics are welcome – create whatever you like!

Bathtub/Shower Zone

    Highlighting your bathtub or shower zone is a popular trend in bathroom decor today, and you can do it with hex tiles. Rock them in some contrasting color to make the shower or bathtub stand out much more, for example, blue in a white or neutral bathroom. Rocking just hex tiles in the same color as the rest of the space but with contrasting grout is enough to highlight the exact space. A popular idea is making different floors – rock hex tile floor right under the bathtub, and wooden floor or different tiles all around. Enjoy!

by Olivia

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