29 Trendy Hexagon Tile Kitchen Backsplashes

Hexagon tiles are among everybody’s favorites – whatever the trends are, this stylish geometry never goes out of style. Such tiles are sure to make your kitchen more stylish and modern, just look how beautiful they are!

Small Scale Hexagon Tiles

Why do I highlight small scale hex tiles? When you attach them to the wall, you will get a wonderful texture and a trendy look at the same time. They can be very small like penny tiles and you may use matching grout to create a cohesive surface with plenty of texture. Tiles can be larger and you can accent them with contrasting grout, which will give them a more defined and geometric look. What color to choose? It’s totally up to you and whether you want to add a touch of color to the space or not.

Average/ Large Scale Hexagon Tiles

Average and large hex tiles can have not only color but also a pattern! Small too, yeah, but the pattern won’t be clearly seen in such a case, and here you can have geometry, marble, stone and much, much more! If a small hex tile backsplash usually looks better when it takes the whole space between uppers and lowers, large or average hexagons can form a backsplash with uneven lines to make it bolder and eye-catchier and highlighting the geometric shape of the tiles. Experiment with colors adding bright splashes to your kitchen or go for a refined look with mismatching marble hex tiles. Get inspired!

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