29 Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Try

    If you love incorporating nice decor trends into your spaces, we’ve got an amazing idea for you! One of the hottest trends for kitchen decor is two-toned cabinets. And yes, they used to be popular before but then were forgotten and now this awesome trend is making a huge comeback. Wanna see some edgy ideas to try?

Two-Toned Kitchens With Wood Cabinets

    Combining wood and various colored cabinets is always a good idea because this way you’ll get a natural touch, too. You may see a lot of kitchens with wood and white cabinets – timeless and stylish, besides, any shade of wood goes well with white. If it’s not a good idea for you, find various combos with grey, black and other colors and some wood or plywood. Get a stylish and modern look and spruce it up with metallic touches.

Colored Two-Toned Kitchens

    Two-toned kitchen cabinets without wooden parts can be seen more often and there are tones of examples and color combos. White and grey, black and white, navy and white, mint and turquoise, black and beige – I’d say that anything you can imagine exists. Create a bold contrasting look, add wooden elements for more coziness, a stylish tile backsplash and some metallic touches for a chic feel. Voila, you have a super trendy kitchen!

by Chloe

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