3 Cute And Stylish Small Balcony Design Tips And 50 Ideas

    Continuing the theme of small spaces to decorate, I’d like to discuss small balconies. Lack of space doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be stylish! Let’s see what to do to make a tiny balcony vivacious and inviting.
1. Furniture. A comfy seating is the key in a small balcony – choose a tiny sofa, a pouf, a bench, a chair or an armchair you like and make sure that it has a storage space inside or underneath. Folding tables and seats are a must; the more multifunctional the piece is, the better.
2. Lights. Accentuate the space with lanterns, candleholders and string lights – they won’t take much space and will make the balcony cozier.
3. Accessories. Greenery is amazing to enliven every space, choose rail or hanging planters for a small balcony to save some space. Actually, any balcony accessories and decorations can be hung on the railing or on the walls – that’s a brilliant idea!
Look at the ideas below and get inspired!

by Olivia

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