30 Boho Terraces And Patios That Inspire

    Boho chic decor style is one of the trendiest right now: it’s free-spirited, airy, wild and beautiful. As the outdoor season is on and we are all striving outdoors, why not decorate your outdoor space in boho chic style? We’ve prepared some gorgeous ideas that will inspire you to go boho, take a look!

Colorful Boho Outdoor Spaces

    Boho chic style is all about colors and prints, so rocking various bright shades and patterns is very natural. Go for bright textiles and upholstery, mix up prints and colors on the rugs, pillows and accessories and add potted greenery and maybe cacti. Embrace Moroccan candle lanterns, decorative baskets, all things macramé and rattan furniture to create your personal gypsy oasis.

Neutral/Monochromatic Boho Outdoor Spaces

    Neutrals are also a cool idea for a boho chic space as if you go Moroccan touches, this is exactly what you need. You may also make the space catchier going monochromatic – black and neutrals for a more contrasting look. To make the look bolder, play with textures, materials and prints, add potted greenery, cacti, succulents, spruce up the space with candles. Get inspired!
Boho chic decor style

by Chloe

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