30 Chic Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplashes

Tiles will never go out of style in home decor: they are chic, durable, easy to maintain – what else can we wish? Among all the types of tiles subway ones are classics: due to their basic shape and look they can match almost any space and any decor style, perhaps that’s why they are so popular for bathrooms and kitchens today. How to use this type of tile in your kitchen to make your backsplash perfect? Here are some ideas.

What Styles Welcome Subway Tiles?

As I said above – any style will welcome subway tiles! They will easily match a farmhouse, Scandinavian, contemporary, industrial and many other kitchens. Choose a proper color for your space and some proper grout to achieve a cohesive look and voila.

What Colors Of Subway Tiles Are Popular?

Subway tiles don’t mean only white and you may rock any color you like: black, navy, aqua, blue, grey and so on depending on the style and mood you want to create. To make your backsplash stand out, use contrasting grout.

How To Use Subway Tiles?

Yes, you can make a kitchen backsplash of them but another cool idea is rocking a whole wall clad with them or even several walls, which creates a proper look and makes all the walls easier to clean. This is a very popular solution for farmhouse interiors, which look very smooth and elegant with subway tiles. Subway tiles can be paired with butcherblock or stone countertops, will look cool with both stained and painted cabinetry and will always be in trend, so grab them and go!

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