30 Coolest Stock Tank Pool Ideas

Summer is the best time to stay outside, have meals and drinks, receive guests, chat with friends, sunbathe and of course swim. If you don’t have a pool and planning to get one, I’d advise a stock tank pool as it features numerous advantages.


Most stock tanks are about 8 feet in diameter by 2 feet high; smaller models include a 6 footer, while others stretch to 11 feet or more. A tank can sit on a deck, patio, or in a small yard.

Durability And Maintenance

A stock tank is created to withstand the
elements out in fields, through sun, snow, wind, and rain, so it will easily
hold some water a couple of months every year, besides, galvanized metal
supposes almost no rust.

Tank owners have come up with all kinds of solutions for maintaining their pools, from attaching pond, above-ground, or regular pool filters to manually sweeping with a net, to regular draining and refilling. Find a cover if you have kids or pets who you don’t want in.


Stock tank pools are rather inexpensive in comparison to usual pools and they will add an appealing touch to your backyard. Besides, such a pool is rather easy to install yourself, even if you aren’t handy, so you will save even more money.


Stock tank pools look cool and trendy and they are totally Instagram-worthy, especially if you paint the pool and style the space around it. A stock tank is a very versatile thing, so you can easily give it any look you want.


When swimming season is over, the pool should be drained, cleaned, and rolled for storage. The good news is if you decide to move, you can take your tank pool with you to the next place. Unless, of course, your design was so awesome it helped sell your house!

A stock tank pool will be loved by everyone: your kids will cool off in it, you and your partner can relax there in the evening sipping some wine and you can invite a friend, too. I guess such a pool is all about pros, so isn’t time to get one?

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