30 Cozy Rustic Patio And Terrace Designs

Rustic décor is all about coziness and a welcoming feeling and even if you aren’t going for fully rustic style, you may mix it up with something else to make your space more inviting. Today we are discussing rustic patios and terraces and looking at more contemporary, traditional and vintage versions of this style.

Defining Style And Colors

First of
all, figure out if you want a more traditional rustic space, or a contemporary
version of it, if you wanna add boho or industrial touches to the space. French
and Spanish farmhouse styles are totally welcome, too!

After you choose the style, decide on colors. Traditionally, rustic spaces are warm and neutral, for a more contemporary feel, you may go for lighter shades or vice versa, darker tones. A boho rustic patio can be decorated with bleached and whitewashed surfaces or rich stained items.


Rustic means
wood, rattan, wicker – these will be your basics for sure. If you are going
traditional, go for warm-colored and rich stained furniture, rattan and wicker
chairs and tables. If you prefer a contemporary look, keep your wooden
furniture sleek and choose very laconic designs. Boho rustic spaces can be decorated
with lots of rattan and wicker and reclaimed and bleached wood.

Some other materials you can use for rustic décor are stones, some metal that is suitable in furniture legs or as a metal fire bowl.

Furniture And Accessories

These will help to identify the style a lot, so choose them according to the style you want and keep the color scheme up. Wood, wicker, rattan of all kinds are right what you need for such a space, so choose some of them. Accessories will help to create an ambience you want, so be attentive to them, too. Get inspired to create your perfect comforting rustic patio!

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