30 Creative Ways To Use IKEA Ribba Ledges At Home

    Simple Ribba ledges by IKEA can be used in a thousand of ways throughout your home! These aren’t just picture ledges, and you can easily find many ways to use them in your home. Let me share some of the coolest ones.

Gallery Walls

    Of course, using ledges for picture displaying is the easiest and smartest idea to try. Gallery walls are extremely popular today: they are used to personalize the space. You can easily create a very chic one using IKEA Ribba ledges – choose any color you like and attach them to the wall, then display your art pieces. This is also a great idea for those who rent as you can easily remove these ledges when you need.

Kids’ Room Storage

    Ledges are perfect for storing books and toys in the kids’ spaces. Take some ledges, attach them to the walls creating a comfy reading nook – just a comfy chair or bench is enough to complete the nook. Small toys can be also organized with the help of Ribba ledges, plus they will be displayed.

Kitchen Storage

    Ribba ledges are ideal for kitchens – you can store spices, mugs and any small containers with food. You can attach hooks to the ledges to hang mugs. Ledges can be also used for display, for example, for showing off your plate collection.

Bedroom Storage

    If your bedroom is small and there’s no space for a nightstand, solve this problem attaching a ledge on the wall. You can also attach some ledges to the back of the headboard for a hidden storage option. Smart and simple!

Other Ideas

    Attach ledges in your makeup nook to store all the stuff, this is especially cool when the nook in very small. Create a shoe display in the entryway with ledges, or make a kitty paradise attaching ledges here and there at different heights for the cat. Enjoy!

by Cloe

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