30 Exquisite Molding Home Decor Ideas

    Molding used to be applied to various spaces throughout centuries, it was attached to the walls, ceiling, doors, windows, doorways and many other places. Molding has made a huge comeback, and now you may see it more and more often in various contemporary and even rel=”noopener noreferrer”>minimalist spaces, in farmhouse and vintage-inspired interiors and many others. There’s more modern molding and paneling to avoid any vintage touches in your space, too. Wanna see them all? Let’s start.

Molding On Ceilings And Walls

    Molding is often used for both ceilings and walls simultaneously to create a gorgeous space. If you have original molding in your home, leave it as it is and create a space including it. Almost every decor style will look nice with molding, from vintage to minimalist, and the more difference between the style and molding is, the bolder the space will look. You may also take a look at modern molding and paneling to create a statement wall in any space, there are various options to try.

Molding In Other Places

    Molding can be also used on doors, around the windows and to spruce up doorways and archways. This is a chic way to highlight an element and looks nice if you have some other molding touches in the room. Get inspired!

by Olivia

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