30 Floating Desks That Save The Space

    Not everyone has space for a separate home office, and more often we see a home office nook in some room – a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen. One of the most effective ways to avoid taking much space for your office is to make a floating desk. Add a chair and a laptop and you are good to go! Take a look at such desks below and maybe you’ll want one.

Large Floating Desks

    If you have enough space, go for a large floating desk, some floating shelves over it and the shelves may also include lights. It may be a niche, so all the items will be built-in, or just some space you like. Add pendant lamps or lights on the shelves, some drawers to your desk to store various stuff. If you want, you may place your desk by the window, so you’ll get a lot of natural light.

Small Floating Desks

    No space for a home office nook? Go for a small floating desk! It may be attached anywhere, you may go for a couple of small floating shelves over it or not, just include some drawers into your desk or skip the storage space. Add a comfy chair, lamps or some light and voila!

by Olivia

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