30 Outdoor Jacuzzis That Will Make You Swoon Over

    A Jacuzzi is a real relaxation oasis, the best place ever to have a rest after a long day. But if your Jacuzzi is outdoors, it’s even more amazing – you can enjoy fresh air, sunlight or star light and your bath at the same time. Add candles or a fireplace to create a cozy and romantic ambience – and you just needn’t any holidays, this is your perfect rest! Let me share some Jacuzzi ideas that will make you swoon over.

Inground/Inpool Jacuzzis

    Build your Jacuzzi into the ground and surround it with a wooden deck and potted plants and flowers. Make it look natural cladding it not with tiles but with rocks and stones and plant greenery around. Add a waterfall into your Jacuzzi and you’ll feel like in a natural hot thermal bath. If you build a fire pit or a fireplace next to the Jacuzzi, it’ll be heaven! Water and fire together create really a magical atmosphere. One more popular idea is making an inpool Jacuzzi – you’ll be able to easily change your hot bath for a cool pool, it’s also very relaxing.

Usual Jacuzzis

    One more idea is to rock a usual Jacuzzi that stands up the ground. This is also a comfy idea, you may add a deck and steps around the Jacuzzi, cover it with tiles or rocks and plant some greenery around. Place your Jacuzzi so that you had wonderful views, and if you care about your privacy, add a wooden or living fence. Enjoy your rest!

by Olivia

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