30 Outdoor Lamps That Will Blow Your Mind

    We are in the middle of the summer now, and I bet that you spend all your free time outdoors – on the beaches, outdoor parties, walks, parks and so on, and of course, in your outdoor spaces if you have any. Choosing furniture and décor for your outdoors is no less important than for indoors as you spend here much time, and lights and lamps are another necessary thing to decide on. Lamps not only light up, they create an ambience and even a style; to make your decision easier I’ve prepared a whole bunch of awesome outdoor lamps that are functional and cool-looking.

Outdoor Wall Lamps

    If you need to illuminate walls around you, there are many creative ideas to rock. Wall lamps for outdoors come in all kinds of colors and shapes, so you’ll easily find something for your backyard but keep in mind that the materials should be durable and lights should be protected from bad weather conditions. Polish the style of your outdoor space with cool lamps!

Outdoor Floor Lamps

    Outdoor floor lamps are even more popular because we often illuminate spaces with no walls and ceilings, so such a lamp is a perfect solution. The most popular idea here is a polyethylene or polyurethane lamp in any shape – a ball, triangle, donut or lantern, such piece are long-lasting and can stand bad weather conditions. You can also find laser cut pillars and walls that act as lamps, large floor lamps that imitate usual home ones and many other options including LED arches over your dining or sitting zone.

Outdoor Lighting Furniture

    If you need more functionality, your choice is lighting furniture and accessories that have several ways of using. Have a look at lit up coffee tables that can double as ottomans, at different seats and benches with inner lights. There are also lit up planters and even plant-imitating solar lights that will make your outdoor space really one of a kind!

by Olivia

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