30 Welcoming Grey And Yellow Living Rooms

Illuminating and Ultimate Grey (or just grey and yellow) are the colors of 2021 but besides this fact, they are timeless colors that are very often used for home decor. These two create a gorgeous color combo with much contrast, and I’ve prepared some fantastic living rooms to show you how cool they look together!

Styles And Color Palettes

Grey and yellow feature many shades: from dove grey to graphite and from pale yellow to bold marigold shades, and that means that you will be able to create any palette you like with any effects you want. Refresh the color scheme with neutrals or add some drama with black and navy or spruce the space with any other colors if you think that these two aren’t enough. Grey and yellow will easily fit many styles, from industrial to minimalist and will look cohesive everywhere.

Grey And Yellow Decor

Yellow is a popular color for accent walls, so if you want a sunshine feel in the room or if the space lacks natural light, such a wall may be an option. If you hesitate about the amount of yellow you need and if it looks in your face, work with the famous 60/30/10 rule. Take grey as the main color, add yellow as accessories, artworks, pillows and rugs and finish it all with cream, white, navy or some other color of your choice – you can never go wrong with 60/30/10 rule! Enjoy various examples below and get inspired to do your own renovation!

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