31 Chic Black And White Halloween Decor

    Black and white is a timeless combo, and you can rock it for Halloween to get chic decor. Such decor will be actual anytime, and will fit many party themes, you can add modern or vintage touches to it. here are some ideas that may inspire you.

Black And White Halloween Pumpkins

    Pumpkins are an indispensable part of Halloween, and you can decorate pumpkins in black and white easily – painting, spray painting, studs, lace, stencils – there are many ways to make them chic black and white. Stencil some letters – black on white pumpkins, white on black ones, makes various patterns with black studs and black ribbons and add a black hat. You can even go for a chic black pumpkin and white blooms for decor.

Black And White Halloween Mantel

    Mantels and fireplaces can be also nicely decorated in black and white. Go for various banners, add black cheesecloth, letters, attach bats to the fireplace or wall, fill the fireplace with black and white balloons and faces painted on them. Black and white pumpkins on a display will add a cool look to your mantel, faux birds and spiders are welcome.

Other Black And White Halloween Decor

    Decorate white candles with black lace, make a black BOO marquee light sign, black and white wreaths and banners are easy DIY decorations. Decorate the tablescape in black and white, with a black table runner, white napkins, black glasses and faux birds and spiders. Fill a lantern with white pumpkins and black moss to make a cool frightful display. Look for more ideas below.

by Olivia

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