31 Cool Ways To Frame Your Front Door With Planters

Your front porch and front door are the first things your guests see when they come to visit, and that’s why they should look stylish and cool. How to highlight your entrance and your front door? Frame the door with planters with some greenery, blooms, trees, succulents and everything else you want.

First of all, consider the style of your home and your outdoor spaces and take a look at your front door – what color is it? Are you going to paint or stain it soon? Your planters can match in color or stain to highlight the door even more, or mismatch for a more modern look. When you figure these things out, you can choose proper planters to frame the door. They can be concrete, tall metal ones, wooden boxes, vintage urns, baskets and so on, there’s a plenty of colors, sizes and looks. Be attentive choosing the planters as they will create a mood and style here. Look for proper ones or even DIY them if you can’t find what you need.

Now it’s time to choose the plants. To do that, consider the style of the space, the size, height and shape of your planters. If it’s a modern or minimalist entrance, greenery or green trees will be a perfect fit, if you are going farmhouse, think of bright blooms. Keep an eye on the shape of the planter and try to compensate it with the plant or plants that you are choosing. You can even pair some plants in a single pot to make the look more unique.  

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