31 Cozy Farmhouse Entryway Decor Ideas

    Farmhouse and rustic decor never go out of style as it’s very cozy and makes spaces welcoming. We’ve already shared some ideas on this decor style, and today I’ll continue the series with farmhouse entryways.
    An entryway is the first part of your home that welcomes guests, sets the tone of home decor and shows off your style, and though you may say that this space is usually too small to show off something, that’s not so! If your home is farmhouse style, your entryway should correspond, and I have some ideas to realize that.


    As for colors, farmhouse style is usually about everything neutral: white, off-white, tan, light greys, any creamy and ivory shades and sometimes pastels, too. You may add a bit of drama with a chalkboard sign or dark stained furniture if you want but that’s not obligatory.


    Whether you are going for a bench or stools, a console and a mirror or no console, some clothes racks and holders – rustic or vintage style is recommended to create an ambience. Light- or rich-stained wooden furniture or pastel painted furniture, whitewashed and weathered wood items are right what you need here.

Accessories And Decor

    Create an atmosphere with decor! Framed artworks, potted greenery and blooms, candle lanterns, jute rugs, decorative baskets and plates are perfect for a farmhouse entryway. Try a gallery wall with family pics or your own photos and go for seasonal decor: blankets and cotton wreaths in winter, pumpkins and leaves in autumn and so on. Welcome your guests with a stylish entryway!

by Chloe

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