31 Floating Shelves Ideas For Your Home

    Floating shelves are extremely popular for many homes: they provide storage space, look airy and modern and easily fit any decor style. You can buy ready ones or DIY them – there are many ideas to find on the web. Today I’d like to share some ideas to use them in various spaces and different shelf looks to inspire you, let’s start.

Floating Shelves In Workspaces

    Floating shelves are very popular for home work and study spaces. If you don’t have much space, go for long floating shelves and make a matching floating desk under them, this is a very popular solution to go for, it looks super modern and bold. Even a small workspace will profit from floating shelves: make a desk and some shelves over it, they will look airy and won’t clutter the space.

Floating Shelves In Kitchens

    More and more homeowners attach floating shelves in the kitchens: choose wood that matches the countertops and attach mug holders or add lights to the shelves. Make as many as you need – you can go only for such shelves and no upper cabinets to make your kitchen look more airy. Floating shelves will fit any style, from industrial to farmhouse.

Floating Shelves In Bathrooms

    Bathrooms take full advantage from floating shelves: they are usually small and floating shelves look not heavy while providing much storage space. The shelves can be usual or box-shaped ones – it’s up to you and your needs.

Floating Shelves In Living Rooms

    Add floating shelves to your living room – it’s a great idea to decorate an awkward corner, or you may fill a niche with them. Make symmetrical ones on both sides of your fireplace or just one stack of shelves on one side.

Floating Shelves In Other Spaces

    Entryways and corridors plus various awkward spaces can provide storage if you hang some floating shelves there. Books, souvenirs and other stuff can be placed on display on such shelves, it’s a very stylish idea.

by Olivia

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