31 Smart Ways To Decorate An Awkward Corner

    Every home has an awkward corner or two, and we never know what to place there or how to decorate it. Don’t waste this space, use it to get maximum of every inch! An awkward corner can become a breakfast nook, a workspace, a reading nook or just to display or store something.

Reading/ Sitting Nook

    The most popular idea is a sitting or reading nook, all you need is a comfy chair and a side table. If the space isn’t next to the window, think of a floor lamp to have enough light here. A footrest or an ottoman can be a nice addition to the nook, and greenery in pots is a very refreshing idea. The style and look of each item is up to the look of your room, they should be in harmony, add a couple of comfy pillows and a throw blanket, and voila!


    Another idea is using an awkward corner for making a workspace there. Attach a wall-mounted desk here or place a very small one, add a chair and your laptop – that’s it! Artworks, clocks, decor and various workspace stuff is optional, actually, you don’t need much here.


    Hang some floating shelves in your awkward corner to display family pics, various souvenirs, photos and other stuff or just to store some books and things you need. If it’s an entryway, why not make a coat rack and some shoe shelves there, if it’s a living room, it can be just an art display.

Other Ideas

    An awkward nook can become anything you need: a makeup nook, a cat tree space, a gallery wall or a breakfast nook. Decorate the small space with the items you like that fit in size and enjoy every inch of space you have!

by Olivia

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