31 Super Trendy Acrylic Furniture Pieces

    Sheer acrylic items are amazing to add a modern feel to the space, even if it’s vintage or rustic. There are many cool pieces to choose from, they look airy and ethereal, seem to disappear in the air, which is great for a small space, too. Wanna add such a touch to your decor? Here are some ideas to steal.

Chairs And Benches

    A clear acrylic chair is an amazing piece for any space, it can be ultra-modern, with some geo lines and add a trendy feel, or an acrylic chair with a vintage design for more eye-catchiness. You can find sheer acrylic chairs with soft upholstered seats for more comfort – the seat seems floating in the air. Acrylic benches will be a nice choice for an entryway or a dining zone, they will add an edgy feel to the space.


    A clear acrylic table is a nice choice for a statement in your dining room, living room or any other space, here you can find units of all kinds: from small side tables with storage to large dining ones. A clear console will be a nice fit for a small entryway or living room corner – it will look ethereal.

Storage Units

    An acrylic storage unit is unique in its own way: even if it’s closed, it shows off its contents and it becomes a part of decor. Try sheer acrylic box shelves for any room, have a look at acrylic ladder shelving units, or go for an acrylic trunk that will double as a side table.

Bar Carts

    A clear acrylic bar cart is a nice choice for any space, it won’t look bulky, and you can get several shelves on it to store everything necessary. Add casters for more comfort and enjoy!

by Olivia

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