31 Water Walls For Your Outdoor Spaces

    Water features of any kind make spaces more harmonious, peaceful and relaxing, and a water wall will do it even better because of the sound of flowing water. Water walls can be indoors and outdoors, and wherever you place them, they add a Zen feel to your space. Water walls can be clad with real rocks, with faux stone, with mosaic tiles or made of metal – shiny or not, or glass for a long-lasting impression. Water walls can be installed inside a water feature – a swimming pool or a pond for more eye-catchiness, or just separately to make your outdoor space gorgeous. Let’s have a look at some awesome water wall ideas to choose from.

Water Walls In Water Features

    Install a water wall right in your swimming pool instead of a water fall, it’ll be more peaceful but still with an amazing sound of falling water. It’ll also add eye-catchiness to your pond in the garden or in an inner courtyard. The water wall can be clad with different materials but the most popular ones for such cases are glass ones, mosaic tiles ones or covered with metal sheets.

Water Walls With Water Boxes

    If you want to install a separate water wall, just make it with a box for water. This way you’ll save more water and will get an additional water feature, which is great for hot climates. Clad the wall with pebbles or stone for a natural look, or go for glass to make it almost transparent, it looks wow!

Water Walls With Pebble Boxes

    A pebble box will make the sound of falling water very low, which will make your space ore harmonious, plus pebble boxes add a natural touch. Go crazy cladding your wall – copper sheets, curved metal water walls, glass, stone and pebbles – use your imagination to create a perfect according to the style of your outdoor space. Enjoy!

by Olivia

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