32 Clever Under The Stairs Storage Ideas

    If you live in a house or an apartment with several stories, then you can be creative and use your under the stairs space for storage or create there some home office or reading nook. Today I’ve rounded up some cool ideas to store anything you need under the stairs – you’ll find so much new! You can hang or create right in the stairs some shelves and put all your stuff there; another way is to make a hidden storage. Hidden shelves, sideboards, drawers, even doors to a small pantry or wine cellar help you keep some privacy and make the storage unexpected – no one will find it without your wish! It can be a pantry with food if your staircase is in the kitchen, a hallway storage, a book storage, a kid’s toys and stuff storage and so on – use every inch of this space and you’ll get a super practical space!

by Chloe

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