32 Parisian Living Rooms And Tips To Recreate Them

We all love Parisian chic and French-inspired interiors – they are refined and very effortlessly chic, you’ll never want to leave such a space. Parisian interiors are eclectic, casual yet sophisticated, they never go out of style and you can always add some trendy touches if you feel like that. Wanna recreate that chic at home? Here are some tips and examples for creating Parisian-inspired living room.

White Walls And Parquet Floor

White walls with molding are a must for a Parisian living room or any other room, add a high white ceiling with molding and voila, you base is ready! Molding on the walls and floors will let you dress them up neutrally and with chic, and such a combo will make the room feel airy and light-filled even on a gloomy day. Add hardwood parquet flooring, which will make the space catchier and cozier – wood always brings a comforting feel anywhere.

Standout Fireplace

Incorporate a fireplace if possible, even if it’s a non-working one – it’s a critical element for a truly Parisian living room. A distinctive surround and stylish mantel elevate a plain fireplace to a new level. Topping it off large mirror — another common element in Parisian decor — completes the look. Molding, trim and a raised embellishment add to the overall ambiance.

Refined Chandeliers

A sophisticated statement chandelier or even chandeliers if you have a large space are a must for a Parisian chic living room, it will not only add a refined feel but will also balance the room. If the furniture is contemporary and the room relies on other elements for an antique touch, a gorgeous vintage-inspired chandelier can flavor the room in the correct way. If the living room is dominated by older pieces of furniture, a more modern chandelier can make the space feel like the right French mix. If you are hesitating, choose crystal, with which you can never go wrong.

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