32 Stylish Modern Entryway Decor Ideas

Modern décor is extremely popular: it’s cool, it’s cozy and it makes your space very welcoming. These features make it perfect for an entryway, and if you wanna try that for your entry, here are some ideas to rock this style.

Color Schemes And Materials

The color scheme can be literally any but as entryways are often small, it can be better to choose light shades to make the space look larger and feel airier. Make your entryway catchy with textures – wood, jute, rattan, concrete, stone and metal, which can be painted black or you can even go for gold or brass.

Modern Entryway Furniture

Go for simple and cool furniture with a boho feel – a woven bench, a leather seat, a wooden console, a floating wood and metal one, a cool sideboard or an IKEA shoe cabinet hacked so that it fit your space. Some ottomans with inner storage can be placed under your console or you can go for baskets. Don’t forget a mirror, the best solution is a round one but you may also try other shapes keeping it a statement.

Modern Entryway Decor

Décor is always important, and here a couple of potted plants, even not very large ones, can create a mood. Some artworks, accessories on the console and a family gallery wall will make your space super inviting. Get inspired!

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