32 Thanksgiving Table Settings That Inspire

Thanksgiving is close and many of us are inviting family and friends for a dinner party. Need some ideas to dress up the table for it? Here are some tips and ideas!

Colors And Styles

First of all, choose a color scheme and a style – will it be a modern, a rustic, a minimalist or a vintage-inspired table? What colors would you like to see? Neutrals, monochrome, bright colors, neutrals with bold touches or something else? As soon as you define the style and colors, you can continue with decorating.


Start with a cool table runner or centerpiece or both. Table runners can be made of fresh greenery or evergreens, light fabric, macramé, and even fruits and vegetables. Your centerpiece can be traditionally floral, of fruits and veggies, of pinecones and pumpkins, antlers and cotton. Go for wood slice or woven placemats, copper mugs, candles in chic candleholders that match your table decor, add chic napkins that match the table runner or the décor on the whole. Get inspired by the ideas below and create your own cozy tablescape!

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