34 Amazing Boho Entryway Décor Ideas

Boho chic style has conquered the world: it’s whimsy, relaxed and very free-spirited. If you are styling your home this way and want some ideas, our blog is your perfect helper! Today’s roundup is dedicated to styling entryways and hallways in boho chic style.


Boho chic style can be done in various ways: you may go neutrals and whitewashed shades, prefer earthy tones or go bright and colorful. Choose any color scheme that pleases you but keep in mind: the lighter the color scheme is, the bigger the place will look, which is often essential for tiny entryways. If you prefer neutrals, go for light-colored and even whitewashed wood, if you like earthy shades, you may incorporate amber, brown, beige and greys, and colorful spaces – well, you know better what shades you like, go bold!


Entryways usually feature clothes and shoe racks, benches for putting on shoes and storing things and console tables. You may also hang a mirror, place chairs or stools, various shelves, it’s totally up to you. A wooden console table in some dark or, on the contrary, very light stain, will be a perfect fit for your boho entryway, and if you space is small, go small and sleek. A bench can be made of wood, it can be pretty neutral, or it can be a wicker one, which is amazing for a boho space, or a leather one – leather is a great material for free-spirited interiors. Add wicker boxes or baskets for storage.

Décor And Accessories

Boho chic style is all about décor and accessories – this is exactly what will make your space free-spirited. Start with a boho rug or even several rugs, add faux fur, if you want – they will add coziness and pattern to the space. Hang a mirror in a wooden or wicker frame, add some plants like cacti and succulents in baskets or just printed pots. A gallery wall with your pics and signs or some decorative baskets on the wall will finish off the space. Here you are, your boho entry is ready! If you love this article, please share it in your social nets, we will appreciate it, thanks.

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