34 Amazing Tropical Bedrooms That Inspire

Missing beaches, tropics and always good weather? Me too! That’s why I decided to round up some adorable tropical-inspired bedrooms that can really make you think of getting one!

Color Schemes And Styles

Your tropical space can have literally any color scheme you want but the most popular options are neutrals + green + pink, neutrals + green, black, white + neutrals, neutrals + pink and stuff like that. If you are going more vintage, you may incorporate some dark heavy furniture and black touches, if you prefer contemporary style and glam chic, add pink and green. Gold and brass will be always a good idea to add a chic feel to the room.


Neutrals are a timeless choice but if you want some fun, get a tropical print accent wall or at least incorporate this print into your decor, it will help to create an ambience and a mood. Wicker, rattan and jute elements are a must to create a boho bedroom – bring jute rugs, wicker lampshades and rattan furniture to make your space feel tropical. Some fun touches of pink like a bench, a chair, some curtains will add a playful touch to the space, and statement potted plants are a good idea, too. Get inspired and rock tropical decor to feel like you are having a holiday!

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