34 Cozy Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Rustic and farmhouse décor is very popular – it brings ultimate coziness and comfort, and there can’t be anything better than for holiday décor. If you think of getting some rustic décor this Christmas, here’s a bunch of ornaments you can hang on the tree and around the house, get inspired!

Wood Ornaments

Wood slices and sticks are among the most popular materials to craft Christmas ornaments. You can grab some wood slices and decorate them in various ways: paint, glitter, add fabric or do whatever else you like. You can also use stencils and stickers to decorate faster and easier. Wood sticks are also great to compose snowflakes, form various ornaments of cut sticks and other ornaments. Wooden beads can be added to ready ornaments or you can shape various decorations of them. Get more natural beauty for your Christmas décor!

Fabric Ornaments

Burlap and felt can be used to make chic and stylish Christmas ornaments. Use burlap to wrap usual ball Christmas ornaments and add some detailing to them if you want, or just leave them as they are. As for felt, you can sew tons of cute Christmas ornaments shaped as mittens, snowflakes, mini Christmas trees and bells and much other stuff. You can also make some cool ornaments of plaid fabric, get inspired!

Other Ornaments

Other Christmas ornaments with a rustic feel can be made of yarn, rope, acorns, wine corks and pinecones lots of other stuff. Take a look at the ideas below and choose!

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