34 Cozy Small Backyard Decor Ideas

Having a personal outdoor space is real luxury and if you are lucky to own one, congratulations! Backyards, balconies, terraces, patios – anything is great to breathe fresh air in and enjoy some sunshine. But what to do if your space quite small and you don’t know how to style it? Today’s article is the answer for those who have a small backyard, we’ve prepared the coolest ideas to try!

Backyard Dining Zones

A small backyard can be easily turned into an outdoor dining room or at least a bar or breakfast nook. If you have enough space for a dining set or a table with chairs or benches, that’s great, all you need to do is to choose some proper style and look for your backyard, add candle lanterns and perhaps string lights. If the backyard is very narrow, go for a raised countertop that will be your breakfast zone or a bar. Plants, flowers and trees are a must to feel relaxation and outdoors, so if you don’t have anything planted, think of buying or growing potted trees, blooms and greenery and create walls with climbing plants – they may form a panoply to protect you from excessive sunlight.

Backyard Living Rooms

An outdoor living room is another way to go with your small backyard, and it requires a bit more space. You may choose various configurations depending on the amount of space and the shape of your backyard – a sofa and chairs, your steps transformed into a bench and a loveseat, a couple of chairs and a small table and so on. Corner seatings with storage are a very space-savvy solution, too. Choose plants, flowers and preserve growing trees, go for a fountain or a waterfall for a calming sound, make an ambience with candle lanterns or string lights, place a fire pit or fire bowl for more coziness. Now it’s time to enjoy your outdoor space and staying here!

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