34 Ideas To Refresh Your Living Room On A Budget

Spring is the best time to renovate, change and refresh something in your home! It’s time to declutter, get rid of bulky things and throw away all that unnecessary stuff that doesn’t let your home breathe. If you feel like renovating your living room but don’t want to break the budget, these simple tips and ideas can be of use for you.

Shift The Furniture

The easiest tip is changing the layout of your living room if it’s possible. Some homeowners often change the position of the furniture in their homes as they like changes. Even if you don’t, you may try this idea to get totally a new room – believe me, it will feel like that!

Change The Walls

Repaint the walls or make an accent wall with any material you like – wallpaper, wood, brick, stone or any other. Yes, this tip isn’t that easy to realize, it requires some materials, some time and a bit of skill maybe but the result will be impressive – you will get a very fresh look of your living room. Taking down a wall can be also a very fresh idea in case it’s allowed and possible in your home. Open layouts are incredibly popular now and if you have a chance to unit your dining-living-kitchen area into one space, why not do that?

Freshen The Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, a non-working or a working one, you can give it a brand-new look. Clad it with another material, paint it in some crazy color, or style in new way – with candles inside, with some pretty arrangement. Restyle your mantel for spring, that will have a big impact on your space, too.

Revamp The Furniture

Reupholster your furniture – maybe not all of it but just a piece. Such a DIY requires some skill but there are very useful tutorials and videos to do that, and anyways – you can hire a professional. You may also buy a new piece of furniture that will make some statement with its bold color, design or style.

Bring Plants In

Potted greenery and blooms are the ultimate way to change any space and give it a bit of life. As all the boho vibes are very much in trend now, placing a lot of plants will turn your living room will make it trendy, fresh and you will feel relaxed next to greenery you like, so even if you don’t have much space, you can hang up some planters.

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